The mid-size sedan from Toyota is highly awarded for its ingenuity, safety record and fuel efficiency. The Toyota Camry is one of the best vehicles offered anywhere. With its bold new look and spacious interior you’ll find yourself not wanting to get out.
2018 Camry

2017 Camry


The Toyota Corolla has long been one of the most reliable and fuel efficient sedans. The Corolla has been recently updated, giving it a new aggressive and modern look from the exterior through the interior. Even fans of the sedan will be surprised.
2017 Corolla


The Toyota Highlander in Milwaukee is a great family vehicle with exceptional fuel efficiency. With multiple safety and comfort features, you’ll find yourself more relaxed while driving than you ever have been. This mid-size SUV has you covered, whether you’re taking the kids to school or across the country.
2017 Highlander


The Prius is the vehicle that really got it all started for hybrids. The Prius has now grown into a family, offering three different variants of the most fuel efficient hybrid. So that it can cater to the family, daily commuting in the city and drivers with efficiency on the mind.
2017 Prius


The adventurous Toyota RAV4 is a great option for drivers that want extra space without skimping on fuel efficiency. Beyond that, the SUV is also packed with plenty of tech features to keep you entertained as you trek across the country or get to work.

2017 RAV4


Distinctive style meets rebellious spirit in the first-ever 2018 C-HR. An edgy new crossover SUV that effortlessly takes center stage wherever you happen to be driving.

2018 C-HR

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