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West Kendall Toyota is the perfect place to buy used cars in Miami. We do our best to provide our customers the highest quality of service. Whether you’re looking for a new or used car, our team is ready to help you find a used vehicle that will meet your needs and budget. Over the years, Miami car shoppers have trusted in us to provide the best deal on used vehicles in Miami. We offer an amazing selection of Certified Pre-Owned Toyota vehicles at incredible low prices. All our used cars come with a free CarFax Report, multi-point inspection certification, and a free annual safety inspection. We understand no one is immune to financial difficulties that’s why our finance representatives help our customers find auto loan rates that suit their budget. We encourage you to also use our online finance tools which can value your trade, calculate your fuel savings, and calculate your payments. Buying a used car in Miami has never been so easy!

Used cars in Miami

Used Toyota Cars

West Kendall Toyota is proud to sell new and used cars, SUVs, and trucks in Miami, FL.

We love our community and believe everyone deserves to drive a safe and reliable vehicle. Buying a Toyota is a smart choice for many reasons. Toyota cars last many years, in fact up until today, you still see some of the older models on the road. This kind of durability can turn into big savings in the long run. When you purchase a Toyota car, you are investing in quality. Excellent manufacturing techniques, top engineering expertise and upscale materials used. At West Kendall Toyota, we work with your budget and give shoppers the option to trade in their vehicle and great financing plans. Browse our inventory of used cars and Certified Pre-Owned where we have different models of Toyota cars such as the Yaris, Prius, Corolla, and Camry.

Used Sedans

Used Toyota RAV4 LE

Used Toyota SUVs

Miami’s most reliable SUVs at affordable prices.

If you’re a Miami shopper looking for a used Toyota SUV in Miami, FL then you’ve come to the right place. Toyota builds a wide variety of crossovers and SUVs. Whether you’re looking for an economical pre-owned SUV or a legendary off-road 4Runner at West Kendall Toyota we have it all. Our SUV lineup can accommodate all needs from a single passenger to a large family. If you aren’t sure which Toyota SUV is best fit for your needs, our team can assist you online. Our Miami used car dealership makes buying a car on a budget simple. You can browse our used cars by budget, make, model, year and so much more. Discover why Toyota’s are the most reliable vehicles in Miami, FL.

Used SUV

Used Toyota Tacoma

Used Toyota Trucks

They’re tough, powerful, and strong. Toyota Trucks can tow your boat anywhere.

When you buy a vehicle you are committing to live your daily life with it. But, have you ever thought about how much your vehicle can handle? A Toyota Truck can handle everything life throws at you. A pickup truck can support your everyday activities and more. Trucks have the power to tow and haul all your groceries and furniture. With Toyota trucks moving is easier and cheaper! Pickup trucks are also safer than small cars. Sitting up high gives a driver the ability to see over traffic and react with more time than car drivers whose vision might be hindered by other vehicles. With a Toyota Truck you can trust that you’ll ride safely and comfortably. At our Miami used car dealership we have used trucks and certified pre-owned Toyota trucks at affordable prices. When you purchase a used Tacoma or Tundra expect to receive a reliable truck with good fuel economy and high performance.

Used Trucks

Toyota Camry Hybrid LE

Used Hybrids

We offer Miami the most fuel-efficient, eco-friendly and nice to drive hybrids.

Hybrids combine the power of a gas engine with an electric motor to reduce fuel consumption. These green cars are not only friendly for the environment but also for your pocket! Switching to a hybrid is a smart choice because you’ll save money on gas. A hybrid like the Toyota Prius will cut visit to your gas station in half because you get 54 mpg in the city and 50 mpg on the highway. Hybrids are quiet vehicles and during red lights the engines shut down and start up again when you press the accelerator to not waste gas or release toxins. If you are someone who wants to take care of the planet and help emit less pollution but also save money, we invite you to visit our Hybrid page. We have a large selection of pre-owned hybrid mid-size cars and SUVs.

Used Hybrid

Used Cars in Miami

Toyota Lease Returns

Get more for your money!

For many people there’s nothing better than owning your own Toyota. We understand it can be expensive to buy a new car and to pay for premium insurance in Miami, that’s why we offer our customers the opportunity to purchase lease returns. Off-lease vehicles can be a great choice because most lease returns have low mileage, are only a couple of years old and are well taken care of. At West Kendall Toyota our off-lease vehicles are always inspected by Toyota certified technicians so you can rest assured that the vehicle you are purchasing is safe and reliable. We know pricing can be competitive but we work hard to make sure we provide our customers the best rate in Miami. Our financing team is ready to help you create a payment plan that’s fit for you!

Lease Returns

Pre-Owned Toyota Sedans & Hybrids

Used Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla

Miami’s best-selling vehicle is giving car shoppers more value.

Commuting to the city can be expensive. Especially when you live down south. The Corolla has been a customer favorite in Miami for years. It’s no wonder the name translates to small crown in latin. Throughout the years the Corolla has gone through a series of redesigns but its essence has remained. What makes the used Toyota Corolla so loved and adored is its inexpensive price. The Corolla gives you the most bang for your buck. A quality midsize car offering in-demand modern features, best gas mileage, and reliability. It’s no wonder Toyota Corolla is the best-selling sedan at West Kendall Toyota. When you purchase a Toyota Corolla from our dealership you are receiving a fully inspected vehicle that is safe and reliable for your daily long commute. Now you can ride comfortably to work or the beach in a budget friendly Toyota Corolla.

Used Corolla

Used Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry

Save money by purchasing a used Camry!

The Toyota Camry is a world-class sedan. It’s a practical car that is driver friendly and safe. Like most Toyota vehicles no matter the age, the Camry is a fuel-efficient sedan that is reliable. If you’re looking for a car that will last you for years to come, the Camry is a spectacular option! The Camry is a dependable vehicle that will continue to last even after you’ve hit 400,000 miles. It has a standard four-cylinder engine that is high performing on both the highway and streets, and is fuel saving. However, if you’re looking for more horsepower in a sedan, the Toyota Camry has a V6 engine that will sweep you off your feet. You can browse our selection of used Toyota Camry models by year and price to find the perfect midsize sedan for you.

Used Camry

Used Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

Discover Miami’s eco-friendly,innovative vehicle!

The Toyota Prius is one of, if not, the best selling hybrid in the U.S. and it is known as the most fuel efficient vehicle! The Toyota Prius made its first debut in 2001. An innovative vehicle that combined an electric motor with a gasoline engine. If you’re looking to save money on gas fuel and car maintenance then the Prius might be the hybrid for you. Purchasing a used Toyota Prius or Certified Pre-Owned Toyota Prius to drive around in Miami is a smart move for Miami-Dade residents who want to get the most for their money with an eco-friendly vehicle. It’s great for commuting in the city and suburban areas like West Kendall. When you purchase a pre-owned vehicle you save thousands of dollars and don’t have to worry about your car’s depreciation. We invite you to browse our selection of Prius and used Hybrids to find your perfect car!

Used Prius

Used Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris

Ideal to have more fun and fewer fill-ups!

Looking for a nice car in Miami that is fuel-efficient and reliable? At West Kendall Toyota we believe the Yaris is the ideal subcompact vehicle for someone who needs to get around Miami with ease. Its size and stellar fuel economy makes it easy and cheap to move around in Miami, FL. The Toyota Yaris over the years has been offered in two different body styles: hatchback or sedan with two or four-door options. Today it has established itself as one of the top choices in the subcompact category. As a leading auto dealership in Miami, you can buy knowing your pre-owned Yaris is in excellent condition.

Used Yaris

Used Toyota Avalon

Toyota Avalon

Toyota’s luxury mid-size sedan meets the sunny city of Miami.

The Toyota Avalon is everything you seek in a luxury vehicle. A spacious and luxurious interior, with good fuel economy. The Avalon rides smoothly and comfortably. It has easy to use controls which makes driving a breeze. The Avalon is perfect for families or individual drivers, it assures passengers a comfortable ride to work or Disney World. If you’re on the market for a Toyota Avalon but maybe don’t want to spend as much for a brand new model, we recommend visiting our Toyota Avalon page. Our inventory offers used Avalons and Certified Pre-Owned Avalons that are stylish and reliable. A pre-owned Toyota Avalon is a smart choice for drivers who desire luxury at an unbeatable price. You can save more by purchasing a fully equipped 2019 or older model and still having all the latest features. Buy a Miami Toyota today and start saving!

Used Avalon

Pre-Owned Toyota SUVs

Used Toyota C-HR

Toyota C-HR

The Toyota C-HR is undoubtedly the car of the future with its bold and fierce design.

Available in a variety of colors like our colorful city, Miami. This sporty dynamic crossover brings style to its category. If you’re looking to buy a striking used or Certified Pre-owned C-HR then expect to get your money’s worth. At West Kendall Toyota we have a large inventory of C-HR’s that are inspected by Toyota Certified Technicians and go through strict safety exams to make sure they function properly. When you buy a used car at our Miami dealer you can trust they are in excellent condition. The C-HR will have you center stage when cruising through downtown Miami. Toyota vehicles are known for their durable performance and fuel economy and the C-HR is no exception. Schedule your test drive today to feel what a comfortable drive is like.

Used C-HR

Used Toyota RAV4 XLE

Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 has been a family favorite in Miami for many years.

All you have to do is step outside to see we’re talking about. It continues changing the game for crossovers and SUVs with a powerful stance. Consumer reports from websites such as Kelly Blue Book show the RAV4 has a high satisfaction and reliability rate. If you’re shopping on a budget, our inventory of used RAV4 and Certified Pre-owned RAV4 is a great place to start. The Toyota RAV4 is a vehicle you can rely on to get you to your destination safe and sound. It is roomy and versatile. Controls are clear and easy to use. The RAV4 truly is a driver friendly SUV that is suitable for families that are always on the road. Interested in test driving one of our cars? Schedule your appointment online and discover why this popular SUV is fun to drive.

Used RAV4

Used Toyota Highlander XLE

Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander is the champ of SUVs in Miami.

The Highlander is a family-friendly SUV with seating for up to eight people. The Highlander takes comfort and space to the next level. A roomy interior with space for the entire family with cargo room in the back. Unlike other big SUVs models, with the Highlander you can expect to travel more for less. It’s economical and reliable for families looking to save. The Highlander exterior has been revised over the years but its essence for adventure remains. New or used, the Toyota Highlander is an exciting car to drive. It may not be a sports car but that doesn’t stop it from performing like one. Aside from excellent performance, the Highlander is a safe SUV that has received excellent crash test scores over the years. No matter the year, a quality used Highlander is a family SUV that gives big families more space, power, and safety.

Used Highlander

Used Toyota 4Runner SR5 Premium

Toyota 4Runner

Ready to take on whatever roads lie ahead.

The Toyota 4Runner is one of a kind in its class. Different from most crossover SUVs, this model is framed after a truck which makes it the toughest SUV. The 4Runner is the ideal off-roading SUV. An adventurer at heart, who desires an all-terrain vehicle to explore the Everglades or the Florida Keys will find joy driving the 4Runner. Built to resist the most difficult terrains, the 4Runner also offers comfortable seating for large families who desire more space. The 4Runner holds a good resale value because of its high demand and popularity. At West Kendall Toyota we check and inspect every part of the vehicle thoroughly from the undercarriage, to the dashboard and the body. We guarantee our customers high quality used vehicles that they can feel safe in. Our budget-friendly 4Runner make a great choice for people who are looking for strong reliable SUVs that can handle all kinds of terrains.


Used Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna

Are you in the market for a used minivan in Miami, FL and on a budget?

At West Kendall Toyota we’ll help you find great deals on used Siennas. The Toyota Sienna is a driver-friendly vehicle with plenty of cabin room and comfort. Most Sienna’s can sit up to eight passengers depending on the trim. It is one of the most capable minivans on the road because of its ability to deliver functional family transportation. Over the years the Sienna’s powertrain has varied but no matter which V6 engine you select, you can expect a smooth ride. The Toyota Sienna has a high owner satisfaction rate compared to other minivans, it’s no wonder it’s a Miami family favorite! Visit our showroom today to test drive your favorite car!

Used Sienna

Pre-Owned Toyota Trucks

Used Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma

Miami’s most searched for used pickup truck is perfect for those seeking out an inexpensive truck.

The Toyota Tacoma has had a long-running for decades. Appealing to buyers who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a full-size pickup. The affordable Toyota Tacoma is fuel-efficient and available with a four or six cylinder. It offers different body styles, powertrains, and special editions targeted for off-roaders. Buying a used Tacoma is a great choice because of it’s high satisfaction rate, reliability, and value. The Tacoma has a great resale value, so used car shoppers don’t have to worry about the depreciation. At our local Miami dealership we have Certified Pre-Owned Tacomas that are like new. Cars that qualify for our CPO programs are typically low mileage, well-maintained, and in great shape. Visit our Used Tacoma page today to discover our inventory!

Used Tacoma

Used Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra

Miami’s most loved pickup truck with incredible power, strength, and versatility.

The Toyota Tundra is a truck that has helped move our community. Ideal for those who need to haul bulky furniture, tools, hardware, motorcycles, trash and many more. A used Tundra can do tasks most people would not be able to do with an SUV or minivan. The Tundra is a full size pickup truck ready to work for you or transport your family. For many the Tundra serves not only as a work truck but as the family car. Its double cabin makes it comfortable for family trips. The used Tundra and Certified Pre-Owned Tundra make great alternatives to other pickup trucks from it’s category like Ford F-150 or Dodge Ram. At our dealership, you’re promised an all terrain reliable vehicle that will transport you safely.

Used Tundra